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Causal Capital provides highly professional, independent and cost-effective consulting services across all disciplines in project development, systems implementation, banking and financial sectors. We operate globally with focus on Pacific, Asia, Middle East and European sectors.

For each project, we only recruit expert consultants with average 20 years' relevant experience in senior positions in the sector or industry concerned. Our consultants can add value by drawing on their considerable career experience to offer innovative perspectives, technical solutions, or alternative methodologies. An end-to-end evaluation is undertaken, along with benchmarks, executable roadmaps and transformation strategies which define a path to greater business performance.

We understand that the key to providing service excellence, is to listen attentively to our clients in order to gain a proper understanding of their requirements.

For more information or to enquire on how we can help with your consulting needs, contact us at


Advisory services are recommended in cases where our clients need ongoing in-depth information to support their commercial initiatives. We assist companies with planning, design and implementation of new technologies or information management solutions for any business requirement. Clients gain access to business case studies and best practices to accelerate their own business objectives.

For more information or to enquire on how we can help with your consulting needs, contact us at

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