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Introducing the collaborative partnership

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7th of September 2020




We are excited to announce that Causal Capital will be opening up a new chapter, a new beginning with AIPMO that brings exciting options to deliver remastered Certified Project Management learnings and Best Practices to Project Managers across the globe.

In 2020 we will be introducing six new Project Management training programs that will help Seasoned Project Managers and those new to the management discipline advance their skills.

PMO Methodologies.jpg

1 PMO / PM Methodologies

Many project managers become experts by deeply appreciating the Best Practices and Methodologies of Project Management. Learn when, why and how to apply different techniques to a wide array of commercial situations. Become the expert by learning what experts do.


2 Agile Project Management

There is a growing interest in Agile Project management which is explained in this masterclass through real-life examples. You will take away the steps required to apply Agile to your projects easily.


3 Change Management Specialist

Project Management is about that change, and in this highly informative session, we develop and then use a tested framework to help project managers successfully deal with change. Learn about risk, stakeholder engagement, target environment modelling and much more with easy to follow examples.


4 Governance for PMOs & PPPs

One of the biggest trends in project management today is how projects can be effectively governed. In this masterclass, you will develop communication flows, decision pools and develop a limit policy system to ensure that any project can respond to exceptions in a proactively successful way.


5 Portfolio Management for PMOs

Being able to manage multiple projects with dependencies is a test of a Portfolio Manager's skill, and in this masterclass we help you evolve and tailor that skill to your business environment. This is a highly informative class which draws on winning proven practices.


6 Design Thinking for PMOs

Design Thinking is part of the critical thinking toolset that sets appart those that can and those that struggle to do the can. Like the PMO / PM Methodologies, a strong acumen in forming successful decision-making processes places a huge amount of emphasis on Design Thinking.

In this Masterclass we will help you become a Solution Engineer through the Design Thinking Channel.

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